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Live wind conditions are much better than a weather forecast made hours ago. Join the community of sailors in your area who are sharing real-time wind data. Improve wind maps and tacking routes for all.

The SailTimer Wind Instrument™ is the first-ever masthead anemometer to crowd-source wind data.

Now, when you use the Wind Instrument with your Android or iOS device, you have the option to share your wind data online. Also when using the SailTimer Air Link™. With live wind maps, you can set your optimal tacking route based on what the winds are like up ahead. Or check live wind conditions from home/office before deciding to go out on the water.

For anyone viewing in a web browser from back in the sailing club or at home: boat locations and tacking routes can be viewed or replayed along with precise local wind conditions.

Race officials: when you log in, you can get graphs of wind direction for setting upwind marks. Coaches: this lets you view or replay wind maps and GPS tracks for an entire race course. See or replay tacking decisions and wind conditions for performance analysis.

Wind barbs are shown on the map at the location of your Wind Instrument and any others around you. The arrow shows the wind direction. Each short line indicates 5 knots of wind speed, and each long line indicates 10 knots. You can click on the boat icon to view the wind speed and direction in more detail, with large numbers and graphs.


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